Thursday, February 4, 2010

The beginning....2010

It's been a while I've not updated my blog. But It doesn't mean I already left photography. Only time does not permit. For this year, I might be focusing more on macro and here are some of the teasers...

This one for dinner

this one for dinner....EXPLORED

portraiture of nature ( Oriental Garden Lizard )

portraiture of nature II ( Oriental Garden Lizard  )

Happy family

happy family

Ready to rumble

ready to rumble

Life of a banker

life of a banker...

I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly...

Pray to God

pray to God...

Can't remove my eyes from you

Can't remove my eyes from you...

Beauty of Nature

beauty of nature...

Its hard to say goodbye

Its hard for me to say goodbye...


  1. Jebon...ada bro...cuma sibuk sikit...he..he..thanks sudi singgah

  2. Penangan Zuiko 50mm + raynox ke? Awesome.

  3. yang ni campur2 bro...40-150mm + raynox, 14-42 kit lens and 50mm f2..50mm + raynox belum post lagi..Thanks Red